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Santa guarantees that no two children will receive the same letter. Santa checks all information provided and writes the most suitable letter mentioning all details given!

Letters are printed on Santa's custom made paper - not some store bought standard stock - this is the real deal! If that isn't enough to convince and doubters, Santa embosses each and every letter with a thick gold foil seal which of course is custom made. Finally all Santa's letters are sent in a gold envelope which is wax sealed using Santa's exclusive North Pole seal - Magic! does this little magic letter make its' way to your home?

Well...It's very simple really:

1. Visit

2. Click the "Request a Letter" link.

3. Choose the number of letters your would like to send.

4. Enter each recipient's details - taking care with spelling etc. to guarantee the highest quality letter is sent!

5. Reveiw the information you have entered and complete the checkout process.

All letters are sent in December no matter when they are requested and are guaranteed to arrive at your recipients address before Christmas!

Send a little Magic this Christmas - Santa's official letters!
Genuine and Authentic Santa Letters
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