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Genuine and Authentic Personalised Letter

Each of Santa’s letters are unique and magical. Santa delivers a completely different letter to each child in your home – with details and narrative that bring wonder and joy.

Each letter is:

Fully personalised for each child using real life details unique to that child - that only Santa would know!

Printed on Santa’s custom-made high quality thick notepaper (Santa obviously doesn't use normal paper!) – finished in full colour on both sides and features Santa’s Official North Pole Workshop emblem.

Santa places his official gold foil emblem on each and every letter - Just to 100% prove that the letter came from Santa himself.

Finally, the letter is sent in Santa’s custom-made gold envelope with his official postmark and hand sealed By Santa Himself – using Santa's hand engraved, specially made “wax seal and custom wax”. (He is very proud of this)

Santa's letters are posted to arrive from the beginning of December - so you can order anytime!

Letter Details - Step 1 of 3

Okay, now we need to collect details for each letter. Please be careful...we want to ensure all letters are perfect!
So we hope you check your spelling and check it twice!

Santa needs to know where to send his letter(s) and some information about each recipient.
Fields marked with * are required.

Letter Details - Step 2 of 3

Nearly finished! Please provide details of the recipient's pets, school, hobbies etc. As always please double check your spelling...Santa wants to ensure he gets everything right!

Letter Details - Step 3 of 3

To finish the letter, Santa will write a P.S. note to your recipient.

This is your chance to really personalise this letter!
REMEMBER, write the P.S. Note as though Santa himself was writing it!
Take your time and remember to make this note as relevant as possible.

Don't worry if you can't think of anything, just leave the field blank and Santa will write a P.S. note for you!

*** Please do not insert Emoji as Santa can't print these.

240 characters left

Official, Personalised Nice List Certificate

If you wish – Santa will issue his official, Personalised Nice List Certificate – together with the letter (In the same envelope).

This Certificate will be made out in the name of your child - and will confirm, without doubt that your child is offically on the Nice List – what better award could possibly be received!

The Certificate is produced on Santa's custom-made certificate paper – with each certificate receiving another hand-pressed large wax seal. Santa gets a new seal custom-designed and engraved each year to ensure its offical status is without doubt!


Official Nice-List Medal

Santa’s Official Nice List Medals are, you guessed it, custom-made and full of quality and detail that will be the most cherished medal in your home throughout Christmas!

These metal medals are finished in shiny gold with beautiful burgundy detail etched into each one. The front features Santa’s official North Pole emblem – the same one that’s on Santa’s letters and Official Nice List Certificates. The back has the words “On The Nice List” engraved and inlaid with burgundy enamel. Each medal has a fabric lanyard with the words “I’m On Santa’s Nice List”, and a safety clasp – because safety is always the most important thing!

The Medal can be ordered separately or with a letter for just €9.99 extra. If ordered individually (so a medal only with no letter) – the Medal will arrive in Santa's gold envelope, with Santas Official Workshop Wax seal. That envelope will be sent to you in plain packaging so Santa can decide when your child receives it ;-)

Email Details

Please provide your contact details so that we can send you a confirmation of your order and contact you with any queries relating to your order with us.